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Why you should switch to bar soap?

Why you should switch to bar soap?

Thinking about making that simple swap for a bigger difference? 

Here's what you need to know - 

Zilch Apothecary strives to curate products that make us feel good with a lot of environmental impact. That's why today, we're shining light on the often-overlooked hero of our eco-conscious beauty regimens: Bar Soap

In the recent years, bar soaps have made a serious comeback despite being once shunned for being excessively drying on the skin. Nowadays, bar soaps are formulated with simple, all-natural ingredients that provide gentle cleansing while also replenishing lost moisture to the skin. Moreover, our bar soap comes entirely package-free (seed paper label that turns into beautiful wildflowers), making them an eco-friendly choice that benefits both the planet and your skin. 

Still, not everyone is sold on these plastic-free pucks. Some common complaints we hear about bar soap include:

“Bar soap is too slippery.” 

"Does it even cleanse your body?"

“It gets mushy.”

“I can’t get a good lather.” 

To be fair, these are valid concerns. But what if we told you that knowing how to use bar soap properly could solve most — if not all — of these minor grievances? In this article, we’re talking about the many reasons to switch to bar soap and how to use bar soap the right way to get the most out of this often-overlooked bath time essential.

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Reason 1 - We use ingredients that you can read

Ever turned the back of your liquid soap to read the ingredients? And have you compared that with our soap bar? Try that in your next haul to the grocery store and you'd be surprised. 

In the past, bar soaps were known for being drying and overly harsh on the skin. These old-school formulas often featured synthetic surfactants that would cleanse the body but diminish the skin’s natural lipid barrier over time. The result was dry, irritated skin that felt tight post-shower. But same is the case now with your liquid soap. However we use organic plant oils packed with nutrients to nourish your skin. These natural ingredients hydrate your skin and help seal in moisture and replenish your skin barrier. Our formulation is the key to curating the soap that works, cleanse, and smells authentic!

Reason 2 - They're waterless

When you go to buy liquid soap, you probably aren’t thinking about how much water is in its formula — but you should be. Liquid soap is often made of 80% water. Liquid soap needs water and water needs preservatives. An ingredient you already have and the bottle is consuming a lot of the carbon emissions. Switching to bar soap and other waterless beauty products is one way to save on that. Not only do waterless formulas help conserve water, but they also weigh less than their liquid counterparts and therefore don’t require as much energy to transport. Plus we're carbon-neutral now! Learn more HERE. 

Environmental benefits aside, there are other reasons to reach for waterless soap. Solid bar soaps don’t need parabens and other stabilizers to keep bacterial growth at bay. Plus, they’re highly concentrated with plant-based oils and fats, which means your skin will reap more of their moisturizing benefits.

Reason 3 - They're plastic and package free

A liquid soap is wrapped in a plastic bottle which is often thrown away after we empty it. Imagine how many plastic bottles are thrown away annually! Unlike that with Zilch soap, you get to experience something so fulfilling. Our seed paper labels bloom into beautiful wildflowers when planted! Going package and plastic-free is not a trend but a necessity. 

Reason 4 - They're travel-friendly

Struggled with liquid soap leaking in your bags? Well, now you have the option of carrying a dry bar literally anywhere! Our soaps are lightweight, take little space in your bag, and most importantly, they won't call for any unwelcome surprises when you arrive at your destination. Now you have one less thing to worry at airport security. 

Reason 5 - They are just as effective or more as your liquid soap

Contrary to popular belief, liquid soap isn’t more effective than bar soap. Bar soap infact creates more friction, which helps slough off dirt and debris. 

Proponents of liquid soap often cite the bacteria factor as a reason to avoid bar soap. Bar soap does not transport bacteria. Now, does this mean that your bar soap isn’t teeming in germs? Of course not! Everything is covered in germs, and that includes your Zilch soap bar. However, the bulk of these germs will probably be from your skin, and they’re literally washed down the drain when you rinse off.

The bottom line? The bacteria on bar soap is nothing to lose sleep over. But if you want to be extra cautious, you can always make sure that each family member has their own bar of soap. 



I've always been very simple at this. 

Wet it. Rub it. Rinse it. 

Wet the bar and create some lather and rub it on your body to cleanse. Once done, rinse it all away. 


  • Sodium laureth sulfate (SLES)
  • Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS)
  • Polyethylene glycol (PEG compounds)
  • Parabens (methyl-, isobutyl-, propyl-, etc.)
  • Artificial fragrances and dyes

Here's a tip - If the ingredient list is absurdly long and you can't pronounce half the words, take a hard pass. 

Here's another tip - For the bar to last longer, you would want the soap to be on a draining dish to stay dry between the uses. 



Kiss your plasticy, liquid soap a goodbye. Your skin and the planet will be better off it. Try a Zilch soap bar today and you'll only want more of it :)

We offer 10 soap bars with different properties and scents. Dive into the collection HERE. 



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