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bODY and HAIR care

Our favorites



All of our soaps are natural, organic, vegan, palm-oil-free, and cruelty-free. Support my small business by indulging in these lovely beauties.

I'm SOAPIN you'll love them.   

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Scented Candle

Lipbalm | body butter
smooth on your skin & on our environment

Both our lip balms and body butter are made with simple ingredients to give utmost nourishment. Add them to your personal care and I'm certain you'll keep coming back for more.


Tropical Leaves


I got the Turmeric shampoo bar about a month ago and it's done wonders. I have a very dry scalp and hair, after 2 washes Inoticed a difference in stretch and producing more natural oils in my hair! Just got the rose shampoo bar today for volume and frizz. Can't wait to try!

Tropical Leaves


We bought Lover and Citrus Glimmer soaps. Lover is by far my favorite. (Oh & my hubby loves Citrus Glimmer). Lover has a classic rose scent. It has creamy and scrubby texture. I LOVED the scrubby feel of it. It's the best. It worked great as a body and hand soap. The bar did last a long time. I would highly recommend and I am definitely going to be coming back for more.

Tropical Leaves


This body butter is seriously AMAZING! I love how moisturized my skin is after I use it. I have also given it as a gift and everyone loves it!

our shipping materials

ZA (Zilch Apothecary) believes and strives not to throw away another piece of waste into the trash can.  We are proud to say that we're dedicated to protecting this precious planet of ours. We are doing our bit. Are you? 


100% recycled cardboard boxes. Recyclable, reusable and biodegradable.


biodegardable and water soluble corn-starch peanuts

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

seed paper labels planatable, compostable


water-activate tape compostable

OUR values

Clean & Effective Ingredients

We carefully pick our ingredients that are all natural, pure, and cruelty-free. No nasty or dirties. We carefully and most efficiently handcraft each and every product only for your and mama Earth's betterment. 

Sustainable Packaging

All our packaging and shipping are completely plastic-free. We use plantable seed paper labels for our products that can be grown into beautiful wildflowers. You and the environment are our top priorities and we are doing everything in our power to responsibly carry that forward.

Ethical Sourcing

All our raw materials are given much thought and are only picked if they are sourced sustainably and cruelty-free. In the future, we intend to certify our products Organic. 


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